Day 807: Versus Examaning


Woke up and remembered I had the honors college graduation banquet and that means I should probably business casual. But metal. And metal means jeans. So jeans. We talked about our sketches and models and then got to work a bit. I just gathered wires I could use for later and then left a little early so I could go home and change. After a bit of debate I ended up wearing that shirt I got from that one store I really like for no reason, the Yuki skirt, Alice tie, leggings, and my heeled boots. I literally have no idea how I used to walk all over campus in those boots holy crap just walking from my place to the dining hall down the street a block was painful to say the least.

Maa, met up with Jisu-san and we had lunch yes. Itsumodoori. Then figure. We started using coloured chalks gross. Also I had to stand most of the time yes no very ouch making. It was super hot in the room so I ended up taking off the coat Yaya let me borrow yesterday and even my hats…wah. I used my painting apron because fawk getting my white shirt coloured no. Ditto with painting. I think I got all the darkest sections done.

I had planned on leaving around 6, since the banquet was at 6 30, but the whole class was gone around 5 45. Thinking I had some extra time, I went to the fabric room to iron my shirt a bit. But the iron was dirty so I had to find cloth to put over my shirt and I ended up burning my other arm on the iron and I left but I forgot my tie on the table so I had to go back and it was just not good. As much of a face I tried to put on it really hurt, grah. Not as much as the welding burn, of course. But more than my sunburn. u.u Because of that fiasco I ended up there…not as early as I’d wanted to get there. Met with Hudec-san, whom I haven’t really seen since Japanese classes, but other than that I just kind of awkwardly stood around, realizing I don’t really know anyone from the honors college well. I mean, I know of most of them, of course but not really enough to interrupt their conversations with the others to say hi or anything.

Tonikaku, it was almost time to start so I thought I’d go sit at an almost empty table. I found one with only one wallet saving a seat and thought, cool, at least one other person will be here. Maybe they’ll bring friends. But it was some girl I didn’t know and her two parents and they just moved to another table. People started sitting down shortly after and it was chouuu nervous making because no one would sit with me. Like…what. Literally all my colleagues went and sat at other tables, with other people…even awkward Kotone-san was sitting with fellow students. Like, okay, I know I can’t truly call any one of you a friend because it’s not like we talk but oi…c’mon…you at least know me, right? I even ate lunch with a group of them every other day for half a year! Just…really?

Once pretty much everyone had settled a group of koureisha came and sat at my table. One of them was a former professor I’d had along with her husband, another professor and his wife, and an advocate for the college of arts and sciences slash honors professor. He talked to me quite a bit. He was cool. He knew ceramics-sensei. Yesgood.

Okay, so the food except the cake was super mediocre. Was legitimately hungry again not ten minutes after finishing my cake I think. Also they ran out of lasagna like ???? but I mean it’s not like it was really good or anything…Tonikaku, the speeches, aaah the speeches. Gave me some Tatami Galaxy moments there. Like, man oh man how different would my college life have been if I’d been more involved with the honors college? What if I actually made friends here? Ones that we’ve shared life stories with, ones that we study with, ones who we hung out with on weekends. Ones that would sit with me at our graduation banquet. I mean, even though I don’t have many friends here it’s not like I regret becoming friends with those people. But just what if we’d also…Seito Kaicho’s speech especially. I don’t know why but ever since I first met him freshman year I’ve always kind of admired him. He’s another one of those with a speaking ability that’s lightyears beyond mine. He’s a business major inside and out, let’s just say that. He, and the other two who gave speeches as well, though I ironically had absolutely no idea who the other male was before tonight, sounded like they had such fond memories of the honors college and the people in it. Meanwhile I was busy hoping around trying to find myself, ha, and then settled in a program most people can’t finish in four years much less three like I had to. Takku.

Okay and then also I was noticing how out of place I was and wanted to cry for a different reason like, woh here’s me in business dress and literally all the other girls, even the quiet nerdy ones who usually can’t dress to save themselves, are in these cute party dresses that could maybe just pass for “business casual” in this sexist 21st century where you can have your thighs and boobs hanging out and still call it formal if you’re lady-bodied. Mou ii yo! I’ll just be stupidly cute at the ASA banquet next week…! Wait, that’s J-club next week…I should probably dress up for that, too, though, especially considering it’s right after the student show ahaha. Wait no it’s not…that was moved. Okay. Fine. Well it’s the next day. Why’s everyone suddenly banquet, anyway?! D: Anyway, come ASA I gotta be hella. Like one hundred hella.

…Man, I don’t even own party dresses. Legit all I did these four years was grow out of clothes faster than I could buy them and apparently not make any honors college friends ahahaha.

…Srsly though, wtf am I going to wear to the senior show and the J-club banquet and ASA banquet ???!?!??


Tonikaku. Mou, even the koureisha were apologizing for me having to sit at a table full of “old folk.” Mou. It’s not that that I mind. Old people have the most interesting stories. And if I were with students I barely knew I’d probably just have been on my phone the whole time. So it’s not like I regret being forced to sit with koureisha. I just wish it wasn’t because none of the students wanted to sit with me. DAKARA、






マイハズといっしょにかえた。Somehow we got to talking about kami. I noticed how long it’d gotten even though it’s only been a year since I had almost a buzzcut. He said he liked it how it is but I was laik nah bruh. And I was laik, “Maybe I should give up on growing it out again…” and he was laik, “Not if you’re making a face like that while just thinking about it.” Aa. Uguu. Chotto dorama mitai. I should write this stuff down ahahaha.

Maa…got home at like…nine? And…yeah I have done nothing. Night wasted just like my life ahahaha.

Day 806: Versus Food

I’m so tired and I don’t even know whyyyyyyy we literally slept almost the entire weekend why thiiiiiisss.


Tonikaku. My sunburn’s fading to a slight brown and with that I go to class in this 40 degree weather ahahaha. Got distracted in ceramics by unloading the big kiln so I didn’t get as much work done as I wanted…Also the single cup I had in there ran l’D Sadness. Finished crit and then got out of photo early because sensei wasn’t feeling well. Went to eat with Yaya since I’d said I’d treat her for once haha. Then fabric…dragged on forever as usual. Then Yaya magically obtained money like she somehow always does and so we went to eat dinner. Got back and ASA meeting. Aaah it was so great to be there. It’s probably just because I know I’ll have to leave soon but I really did enjoy my time with ASA ;o; Also moto kaichou and moto historian came to visit aah I wonder if they remembered me~

After that…studio work, grah. Did drawings for metal, then finished up ceramics, and then worked on feet for about thirty minutes before getting fed up ahahaha. To-san also called asking if I wanted the Galaxy S5 like waitwat I literally just got this phone not a year ago but ahahha yeah not gunna say no to new technology lol.

Went home…and…sleep time. lD

Day 805: Versus Miracle



Eeeto woke up around eleven and messed with Galaco’s lockscreen some more. Finally figured out how to have it lock with that one app I liked. Unlike all the other apps that had built-in locks, this one just uses the phone’s lock. I guess that makes sense, since it’s already there and all…

Contacted Taco-san to see if he could come get Hime-sama’s backing board before I left for the art building. He said he could stop by later after it was open, so I just went to get my camera and then came back to give the board away. Had the leftover wings and sushi from yesterday and watched the new Akuma no Riddle and wow I actually think Devil’s Riddle sounds cooler in English? Ah, but anyway, the first…2/3 of the episode were really pretty meh so I was losing hope, but it got better at the end so yey.

Went to do photo for a bit after that. I found this really cool place under a bridge system where a bunch of swallows had made nests and there were so many zooming all over the place aaa it was so neat. Tried to take a picture but it was too dark so they came out blurry u.u

Went to school to meet with social-chair-san so she could print out some business cards, but I realized I’d left my wallet at home so I had to go back to get it first. But anyway. She had perforated business cards paper, which I’d never used on the giant printers before so it took a bit of figuring out but we eventually got it. Made the banquet tickets while the cards printed. Aaand then went to the library because treasurer-san said officers had to pay for banquet this year because we’re broke. l’D Also withdrew funds for dues because I haven’t paid them yet either ahahaha. Also vanilla frappe because dinner ahahaha.

Theeen went to work on ceramics. Managed to churn out four more cups, so I just have to make one more during class tomorrow and fix up the ones I made today after they’ve hardened a bit. Ahaha. Then went to metal. We had to make “texture samples” for the next project this weekend. I used a lot of found materials and made something kinda cool looking I think. I even thought it was fun. But then I get home and sensei has sent out an email saying that because the studio was pretty much empty all weekend he’s going to grade us with no leniency this time around. :’D Welp, I’ve made straight Cs thus far, how low can we go~

Annnd I think I’ve just accepted my fate after graduation now. Shou ga nai na. Eso si que es.

Day 805: Versus Wind

Ah…today…somehow…became something I didn’t plan at all…? We ended up taking senior pictures for Yaya. Went to eat a bit, then watched Madoka: Rebellion and some Durarara!! and I just…wathappened. Also it feels like Sunday but it’s not so that’s kind of nice. Didn’t get much photo done today though…and it’s supposed to rain pretty much all tomorrow so that kind of sucks…buu. Maa, tomorrow…we have to do lots and lots of ceramics…and also feet, texture tests, and large thumbnails…and I promised fabrics sensei that I’d work on my piece over the weekend @_@! Mou. And there’s also an ASA meeting tomorrow…I’d like to be able to just go home after that if possible…ahaha, though I know it won’t be possible wah.

Maa…we’ll see how tomorrow goes. It seems like I can’t really handle taking things more than one day at a time…

Ah~ also watched the new Kamigami ahaha it’s not terrible yet, yes good this pleases us. It’s a little cringe at some parts and I’ll never understand why Loki is the god of Fire like what is trickster Loki just a Ragnarok Online / Avengers thing? but uwaahhhicanhearmaihasubandoinhimsometimesanditisjust for the most part it’s looking like it has some sort of potential. Also Yui put on her seifuku this episode aaah highlight of the twenty minutes uwaaah. Okay but Starry Sky fuku are still the best but these are pretty close and at least most of the characters actually wear them…

Tonikaku. Oyasu no jikan ssu.

Day 804: Versus More Coins

Ahahaha…just when I was thinking I got my life together. きみをしんじた。なんでうそをついた。。。なんで。。。本当にしんじた。。。


I’m not going to apologize for whining because, hey, this is my blog and it’s not for you anyway so if you don’t like it you can leave. Maa, I shouldn’t write here anyway. I don’t mind strangers reading these but I really don’t like people I know reading it. Especially people who don’t know me well. And unfortunately this is my main blog and Tumblr has no way to change that, so it’s what everyone sees. Man, I don’t even know. I’m just tired of this bullshit. I just want it to stop. It’s just making me angry at everyone. And I can’t get anything done. I can’t even get what I want to do done, much less what I have to do. I can’t even sleep. All I can do is lay around like a useless pile of shit, doing nothing but making things worse. Takku.

Nothing else of note really happened. Had Ceramics and Photo, then went to sleep, then went for burgers with Jisu-san, though I was just irritated the whole time and all I could do to keep from snapping at her was to stay quiet. I just told her I was tired. Went back home and slept until around nine, then started watching samumenco. Took a break to get food with Yaya and Wei-san for a bit, watched Soul Eater Not, and then they left and I finished samumenco. I definitely feel like that didn’t need 22 episodes…a lot of it just felt like, teehee we’re switching to power rangers now, sort of thing. Maa, up through the gorilla episode was strong and the last arc was good, too but…I guess it just felt like it was really dragging around the flamu rangers parts. But that may just be the irritability talking. Also the fact that it was really hyped as a show that looked innocent but was dark…I was expecting Madoka levels of suffering and it was really nowhere near that except for maybe one episode. Maa, it wasn’t bad, I’ll say that. I guess my expectations for it were just too high.

So that. Going back to sleep now.

Day 803: Versus Coins

Partied so hard I got sunburn ahahaha more like I haven’t been out in the sun in years I was legit out there for maybe half an hour and burnt to a crisp. Okay, not to a crisp. Man oh man this feels like nothing after casually resting my arm on just welded metal ahahahaha.

But yeh. Planned on going roller staking with Jisu-san but she ended up oversleeping so we just went for lunch and then back home. Ran into Mea-san and Dee-san during the foam run on the way there. Got back, slept for a bit more and then went back out for half price shakes and ASA stomping. Ran into Wei-san’s motokonojo and Maru-san on the way with their group of friends and so walked to campus with them. I got the time for ASA’s performance wrong so I ended up watching a magician guy first. Left towards the end though after baking in the sun amg @_@

After this…hm…ah, ran into Dee-san, Mea-san and Yaya and then went to eat dinner with Yaya, though I wasn’t really hungry so I just had a cup of soup. She dropped me off at home after and then anime and sleeping yesgood. To-san and Okaa-san called for the lulz apparently. I was just like…ifyoudontneedanythingwhyareyouhere dontactlikewerefriends. Like, seriously, I think this is the first time they’ve called for the heck of it my entire college career. I’m literally graduating next month.

Can we just.


Don’t even try to start.

So Samumenco. Okay, I think it was like episode 15 or something? That wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. And now the next plot is starting and it doesn’t look as cheesy laik woh, real world right here yesgood please oh please no more power rangers monster of the week crap ugh.

Annnnnd now sleeping~ Because there’s class tomorrow even though there randomly wasn’t today…Maa, at least it’s a half day~

…All my Fridays are half days though.

Also there was a fiasco with Suki’s otouto-kun…not sure how that’s going…I don’t…I don’t even. 

Day 802: Versus Look Not So Far


Hokai ceramics. Made another bowl yes. then had crit in photo. Went pretty well. Then finally ordered my ring during break. I still think it’s stupid that I had to call to -not- have the world’s smallest $50 stone smack dab in the middle of it. Gross.

Met up with Jisu-san and Kurisu-san for lunch. Had a burger and some water because there wasn’t really anything good today…We discussed our DIA plans. Roller skating at 9 AM ahahahaha. I guess I’ll just play the rest by ear. Much excite.

Fabric went on foreeeevveerrrr. But I spent a good chunk of it talking to Suki awww yeh sorting out my future ahahaha. And then had a J-club meeting. And then gun blue. So. Much. Gun blue. But never again. *-*

Then went home, fully prepared to marathon Samumenco wat. But then went out with Hana-chan and Elle-san. Maa, it was fun though. Got back and…man, I’m tired haaaaaa. Might as well just sleep. Mou. I really hope it’s not humid tomorrooowww~

Days 799-801: Versus Foggy


Sunday…right? Um. Okay…woke…up…at…around…sort of near…one? Went to school to work on photo until J-club officer meeting. Then got a grande caramel frappe and ahahah that is my food for the day. Also probably have to print business cards with the social chair this weekend? Aaaaaahhh and I still need to give Hime-sama her boarrddd whyyyyy is there no tiimmeee wah. Ah…and then…oh, right. Die-Grinder-Fest.


Can we just.


That was…fuyukai datta ;o;

Went to sleep with metal splinters in my fingers ahahahaha.


Ceramics! Made another bowl…I can only do like 1.333 per class and that 1/3 of a one is just cutting a new slab which dries out by the time the next class comes around sooooo that’s a no go. So I’ll be able to make another one Wednesday and then Friday and then I’ll have…five? And I guess I’ll make like five more over the weekend and just have ten of everything that seems to be the magic number ahaha.

Photo. Was actually really productive today…! I ended up printing mostly everything and got five of eight prints fully mounted ah yay. Worked on that and started on ceramics essay during lunch and got everything printed. Then went to Thai food with Yaya and Wei-san. Dericious Thai tea amg yes. Also snapchatted the Buddha statue ahaha.

Fabrics…I think I’m almost done with her wings? I don’t even know man two days ago was a long time ago, yo. But after that I finished mounting the rest of my prints for photo and then die-grinder-fest until eleven ahahaha it was terrible and all the regretsu and no yuetsu and also sleeping with metal splinters yae.


Okay! Today! I can remember today…I think! Yeh! Metal! I thought I lost my book that we were supposed to bring but I actually just left it in my locker I don’t know why I didn’t think to look there I legit even looked in my painting locker but not there haha wow okay. But Burea-san let me borrow one of hers so I didn’t get a penalty yay~ Also I -think- sensei liked one of my drawings? I dunno, yo. I never know with him wah. The rest of class was just demos and examples of texture making.

Skipped lunch (but got another caramel frappe ;D) to finish giant foot drawings. Just as I returned from spray-fixing it sensei tells us they’re due Tuesday and we should work on them more ahahaha yeah right I skipped lunch for this, yo, I am -so- done hahaha except I’ll probably work on it for at least another two Night Vale episodes.

Painting…started last painting…! The sketch looks so cool wah~ Also a group of us asked sensei for grades towards the end of class and aaaah I’ve made straight Bs except on this last painting I made an A yaaaaaaay much happies.

Went for pizza with Yaya for dinner after. Aaaaaand we were reminded why we never go to this place…mediocre food and crappy service. Takku mou. Then went with her to the geo-lab to work on my ceramics essay and by that I mean I set up her alumni email and followed some people on Tumblr for her so her dash didn’t consist of only me hahaha. But then I wrote my essay. It’s like…exactly four pages. ;D Aaaand with that it is time to travel homewards for bed taim. Yes.

Day 798: Versus El Psy Congroo

Aaah woke up around ten today and was laik “nah bruh” intending sleep for another hour but I didn’t wake up again until almost one ahahaha. Then I had to get up because I had to go pick up my tank shirt. The walk was about a mile and there were some very beautiful houses on the way. I mean, nothing like mansions or anything, but beautiful as in…modern, I guess? I somehow got that weird, almost painful feeling that I’ve been calling nostalgia but it feels more like I’m remembering something that happened in my life in an alternate time line…it’s weird. I guess that sort of thing has happened most of my life but it didn’t really start being an uncomfortably strong feeling til college. The first time I really noticed it was walking through the library during finals week my sophomore year and seeing a group of friends studying together and it hit me like, hey you’re looking at yourself and your group of friends. Studying science. For finals. Even though by that time I was already and art major and I had no such group of friends…it’s…really weird. And so today I was looking at a really nice-looking apartment complex and got that feeling like, that’s my residence. I live there with my boyfriend, even though it’s against the rules but we dun give a fuq because we’re happy. And I remembered moving in and…his family helped us or something and wow okay, step off the drugs, boku.

…Hen na.

I thought at first maybe it was remembering past lives or something but there are a few things wrong with that, 1. some things are too recent for it to have happened in a life 20+ years ago and 2. p sure I was a Chinese princess in my past lives so there’s no way I’d have been in this tiny town, ahahah /shot.

Anyway. Got back from that and pretty much watched samumenco the rest of the afternoon. Got to episode 12, I think? The one where they go full power rangers and…grah, plzstahp. Also got caught up on Snk and ACWNR.

Went to the movies with Mea-san and Dee-san to see the new Captain America. I remember really liking the first one because hnnnggg dat shield and was a little disappointed that his shield didn’t get as much screen time this round but wow okay Natasha Romanov is a fine replacement yes good. Oh and also ahahaha Nick Rogers is a young Erwin Smith, okay bye. Also icees. Yesss.

Got back aaand watched all the new anime I was interested in from this past week. Even though I’m still so behind on this last season grah gotta finish Sekai Seifuku and Samumenco and Magi aaand Golden Time aaaaand Nisekoi and Kuroko…and I’m still behind on a couple from past seasons like Uchouten Kazoku and Railgun, grahrah. Maybe I can keep up with these new ones at least. @-@!

Tonikaku, this season’s line up so far, after one episode I haven’t dropped Akuma no Riddle because yes, Mahouka Koukou because airbending, Kamigami because uwaahhh mai hasubando hooooly the heroine actually has a personality and the guys aren’t all jerks?!?!, aaand Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii because wah it reminds me of Kiki’s delivery service and also the princess and the king look like the two mains from Higashi no Eden ah. Yes.

And now…the weather sleep.

Yeah, I did no school work as usual that shouldn’t even be a surprise to anyone by now.

Day 797: Versus Lull

Aaaaaaa just finished Nagi no Asukara and wow I would say I can’t even right now but…I can. It….it ended so well. Like…wow. Everything…everyone…was…happy? What is this? A happy ending? I’ve forgotten what those feel like…

…They’re actually a little anti-climactic.

The feels peaked around episode 24 and after that it was just squeeing over how super cutsies Ojoushi-sama’s freckles are aaah I love freckled characters and also me going, “Woh, wait, is everyone actually going to be happy?” Okay but so a larger portion of that may be because I don’t have strong feelings for Miuna so I was totally okay whether she became the sacrifice or not. It seemed to suit her character and wasn’t particularly sad for her, though it would have been sad for her family I suppose.


I downloaded some Samurai Flamuflamusomethingco so I’ll probably watch another couple eps of that before sleeping, yeh.

Today’s yik yak topics included…parties, stomp fest (ASA WON FIRST PLACE REPRESENT), and hooooly weed, weed everywhere omg I will never understand humankind’s obsession with various forms of drug induced intoxication…? I’ll just…be…over here…in my kigu. Yeh.

Okay but ceramics today! Finished re-glazing…I think? No, I still have a bowl out that I need to spray with sharkskin shino again…then we’ll be done…! Also made another cup today. I tried doing the three-point fold and it does seem like it works better with the three cuts, but I need to try it on a wetter slab because I used one I made on Wednesday aaaand it was reaallly too dry.

Photo! Almost fell asleep again. Almost. Had a mounting demo tho. Theeennn went to stretch canvas and a tour group came in wah hazukashiiii. Then went to pick up a t-shirt I ordered…and then…met up with Jisu-san and walked over to meet with Kurisu-san for Brooks Burger Friday yay~ Okay, let’s be honest, last Friday they weren’t that good. I was wondering if I was just glorifying them in my mind now that they were gone. But today…man oh maaannnn they were even better than I remembered hooooly. No seasoning on the fries tho. Only complaint.

Jisu-san wanted to hang out after for once ahhh but I had to go work on metal because welding deadline ;-; And after that went to do some photography. Aaanndd then finally got home a bit after five. Finished snapple apple and fell asleep on the couch until a bit after six, then went up and slept in me bed until like…9 30 ahahaha. And then marathoned the rest of Nagi no Asukara which I FINALLY found out means “From the calm tomorrow” which wah increasing parallels from Shin Sekai Yori, AKA “From the New World” which AIRED IN EXACTLY THE SAME 2-COUR TIME SLOT A YEAR AGO. Mermaids are def a lot happier than psychics tho, gotta say. Both were pretty good rides though. But of course I’m inclined to suffering so I liked Shin Sekai Yori more but ahahaha.

Now…yeah, Samurai Flamuflamu and then sleeping yeh~

I also talked to artist!Black aaah…!